The Kisoro Project

The Kisoro Project is a not-for-profit organisation that is aiming to help the marginalised BaTwa people of Southern Uganda have a better quality of life.




The Challenge

For millennia the BaTwa people had happily lived in their forest homes co­existing with the animals that shared this sort of environment. Then came the painful situation that brought Rwanda into international awareness; we called this the Rwandan Genocide but for the Twa it brought great trouble. Forced out of their tribal areas so that gorilla­based tourism could flourish, they quickly came into a decline. Forced into begging, prostitution and slavery they eke out an existence as fringe dwellers around the towns in that region.

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A local church group has been trying to prevent their total demise and requested help as the task was just too great for them to do on their own. Their Bishop while showing the area during a visit requested that we may be willing to help in this task.

The Kisoro Project began as a result of that request. The plight of the community of Twa people in the village of Mikingo within the town of Kisoro in South­Western Uganda was obvious. Families whose Children are not accepted in school and so are forced to live in huts made of plastic bags and scrap.

They live without hope or awareness of their own value. Prostitution of young girls, drug addictions and other signs of substance abuse abound. Yet when they sing of the loss of their forest homes where the hunted gazelle and other small mammals their music is poignantly charming.

Our involvement hopes to bring education, good medical help especially around mothers and their infants and some form of acceptable income generation programmes

kisoro project

Our Response

Initially we have twenty five children enrolled in a local church school.

Thirteen babies have been safely delivered without loss, no mothers have died in childbirth (previously this was a high death rate area).

Five families headed by a grand­mother caring for her grand­children have been relocated and provided with the necessities to succeed.

Emergency feeding when needed Food growing with the provision of seed and fertilizer.

kisoro project

We Believe that We can Save More Lives with you...